Dr. Doug Hanner

The Central Nervous System and Trauma

At the heart of our being, the central nervous system (CNS) functions as the ultimate processor of our experiences, akin to a sophisticated computer system that governs our thoughts, emotions, and bodily responses. This comparison helps us grasp the complexity and sensitivity of the CNS when it encounters trauma. 1. The CNS: The Body’s Processing […]

Effectiveness, Cost-Utility, and Safety of Neurofeedback with PTSD

Study Review Effectiveness, Cost-Utility, and Safety of Neurofeedback Self-Regulating Training in Patients with PTSD As experts in mental health care, the primary objective is to offer the most effective and safe treatments to those suffering from PTSD. The innovative field of neurofeedback presents a groundbreaking opportunity to enhance our therapeutic repertoire. This study provides compelling […]

Lifestyle: Supplements

Although your food should be the primary source of your nutrient intake, modern farming practices have created foods that are lacking in nutrient density—because of this, experiencing ideal health may take some additional supplementation. Below are listed the supplements recommended to optimize cellular function and energy. VITAMINS B Complex B vitamins are water-soluble, so your […]

Lifestyle: Healthy Diet

There is no doubt that the industrialization of food over the past 75 years has contributed significantly to the rise of chronic illnesses. The pure, whole food nature used to provide has been replaced with manufactured, hybridized, and genetically modified food-like substances. Over 10,000 chemical food additives have been approved for use in industrial food […]

Lifestyle: Stress Management

Things are always changing in our lives, and as they change, we adapt. When changes occur that challenge our ability to adapt, we experience stress. This stress is associated with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in our everyday lives. Even if stress is purely emotional, it can have seriously damaging effects on the body. Stress activates […]

Lifestyle: Exercise

Like sleep, the proper type and amount of exercise is the antidote for almost anything that ails us. To understand why, we can again think back to our ancestors. Over millions of years, human beings were always moving. They had to walk, jump, run, push, pull, and lift every day. Our genes expect the same […]

Lifestyle: Light

As previously mentioned, our ancestors went to sleep soon after sunset and got up when the sun rose. Before the age of artificial light, sunset would trigger something in our ancestors that would make them sleepy, the release of melatonin. It is the absence of light that triggers this release. Melatonin doesn’t just guide us […]

Lifestyle: Sleep

The reason sleep is the first topic in the discussion of lifestyle is because of the profound effect it has on every aspect of your physiology. If you aren’t getting this part right, you may as well forget about the rest. In the past couple of decades, the scientific literature has shown abundant proof that […]

Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the biggest reasons reason that so many people today suffer from health conditions and low levels of energy relates to human genetics. A mismatch has occurred between our genes and the environment in which we live. Let’s compare the timeline of human existence on earth to a football field. The first 299 feet […]

Neurofeedback and Craniosacral Therapy in the Treatment of Trauma

Trauma can come in many forms. The effects of trauma can lead to a chronic hyperactivation of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). That altered state of function wreaks havoc on the mind and body of the individual over time. Neurofeedback and Craniosacral Therapy have emerged as a clinical powerhouse in the restoration of ANS function, leading to health and vitality.